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Brand Mission

An option for slow fashion, to provide full transparency about our supply chain and a direct promise to our customers that sustainability and ethical sourcing is at the forefront of all of our decisions. 

The brand mission?

  • To start conversations about why sustainable and ethical sourcing is imperative to protect our world and the people throughout supply chains.
  • Provide full transparency to show that it is possible, even for a small business.
  • Normalize re-wearing: Our designs are collated to make each and every individual feel their best, not just once for that upcoming party but to be re-worn for years to come. £140 million worth of used clothing ends up in landfill each year, in the UK alone. 
  • Giving back to organisations that support our planet and people.
  • Education: We will read the essays of the impacts and extract small, easy to digest pieces of information so you can implement more sustainable and ethical choices, with ease.