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Ethics & Sustainability

The true cost of fashion certainly is not as inexpensive as it may seem, someone, somewhere is paying.

Our mission is to enable ethical sourcing to be more attainable and relatable. The profits calculated are the minimum in order for a business to thrive, this should be an insight into truly how much quality garments cost.

The 'Why'

Textile production contributes more to climate change than international aviation and shipping combined.

Fast fashion's modus operandi is to produce as much as possible, as fast as possible, as cheaply as possible. To make the fast fashion industry eco-friendly, it needs to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Solution? Slow fashion.

Slow fashion is exactly that, slow. For us this means we produce small quantities, of which are handmade here in the UK by a small hand picked team. Sometimes our products will be out of stock, simply because we are conscious about waste.

How We Work

We begin with mood boards for our design inspiration from the 20's through to the 90's, with a modern twist. Our founder then begins on the tech packs and sketches!

The research stage is imperative. Our materials are researched and selected with sustainability in mind always. 

Revisions are made until the design and fit is perfected. We then package up your chosen pieces with love for them to be worn for years to come!


  We consider our impact in every sense, from our websites CO2 emissions to our packaging. 

Small details such as the attachment on the swing labels and the cotton used to sow the labels on our garments are strategically picked for a reason.

Our slow fashion range is unique, timeless and ethical.

 We do all the research and bring it to you in bite size format. Education brings conversation and conversations bring change!

By Sophie Boreham, Founder

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