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Caring for your organic + recycled materials

Less is more

Wash less, buy less, waste less.

Caring for organic and recycled materials

Wash less?! Yes, that is correct. I think we are used to washing our clothes way to often, besides there are so many benefits to cutting down our washing cycles: your garments will last longer, it saves water, it prevents microfibers reaching the water and it saves time. 


Skip fabric softener!

It is bad for the environment and you don't actually need it! It also can damage your garments.


Air dry

Allow your clothing to hang on a coat hanger hung from a clothes horse/ door frame- anything hang able! I personally use my lamp shade however that is not direct advice and I do not take any responsibility for your decisions...


Wash less

Gym clothing? allow it to air after use. If it is not actually dirty then there is no need to wash it. Any garment has a wash cycle life limit, the more you wash your items the quicker they shall deteriorate.


Use cold water

30 degrees is plentiful! If hand washing just use majority cold water with a splash of hot.

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