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Brand Mission & I



 Hear me when I say ethical and sustainable living does NOT mean you have to clear out all your plastics, only buy organic and hug trees. 

Millions of us making conscious choices is by far more beneficial than a few people being perfect.

Our brand mission is to get people thinking, what is your purchase contributing to?  We want to be apart of your conscious journey.  


Start Conversations

About why sustainable and ethical living is imperative to protect our world  & people throughout supply chains.


Provide Transparency

Provide a transparent supply chain so you can be confident about what you're purchase is contributing towards.



We will read the essays and extract small, easy to digest pieces so you can implement more sustainable and ethical choices with ease.


Giving Back

We support organisations that support our planet and people whilst also being apart of the positive contribution.

Face behind the brand

Sophie Boreham

I keep saying I but until now you don't know who I is, so hi here am I. 

 1) Loved ones call me Fifi

 2) I wanted to be a doctor, went into pharmacy and now work in data and marketing so, erm, I'm decisive  

 3) According to the online profile quizzes, my personality type is pragmatic!

SB Pinnacle has been with me for years as my little secret side hustle. For phase 3 of SB Pinnacle I seriously wanted to make this something I was proud of and wanted to scream from the roof top about.

 So, here we are. Phase 3 of SB Pinnacle and I couldn't be more proud.

 Thank you for all your support, every share, like and purchase is noticed. Lots of love (lol as my Nan always thought), Fifi x

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