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When founding SB Pinnacle it was imperative  that our sustainable and ethics goals were the front of our priorities. 

Of course we wanted our efforts to be officially RECOGNIZED so there is that added security for our customers when choosing who to shop with, so we applied and were successful for multiple Ethy accreditation’s.

What is Ethy?

Founded on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Ethy vets and accredits businesses as sustainable, allowing you to engage with trustworthy shops that align with your values and gain support along your sustainability journey. Ethy’s accreditation framework helps mitigate greenwashing and allows you to connect with genuinely ethical and sustainable companies that care about people & planet. Best part? You can access all of this consolidated information for free via their app.

SB Pinnacle's Accredited badges

Organic | Carbon Conscious | Recycled | Fair Trade | Reduced Plastic | Reduced Waste 


The business must sell predominantly organic, manufactured in line with organic standards and principles.

 Why spend Organic? 

More sustainable alternative to conventional agriculture. 

Say no to the use of GMO's.

Help limit the use of artificial fertilizers & pesticides.

Say yes to healthy living soil that maintains carbon and helps mitigate the greenhouse effect.

Carbon Conscious

The business takes measures to minimize their CO2 emissions, such as engaging in carbon offset schemes.

 Why spend Carbon Conscious?

 Reduce your carbon footprint.

Help lessen the greenhouse effect and tackle global warming.

Protect wildlife across the globe from the devastating effect of climate change. 

Protect humanity from the adverse effects of global warming, such as drought and other extreme weather conditions.


The business has clear clear recycling policies inherent to their business model. 

Why spend Recycles?

 Prevent waste from being sent to landfill and incinerators. 

Help conserve the planets natural resources.

 Lessen greenhouse gas emission caused by harvesting new raw materials and help fight global warming.

 Create and protect jobs in the recycling industry. 

Save energy.

Fair Trade

The business is either Fairtrade certified, stocks Fairtrade certified products or demonstrates an ethical approach to their supply chain in ensuring fair prices are paid to producers. 

Why spend Fair Trade? 

 Prevent the exploitation of producers and ensure a fair price is paid to them.

Certified Fairtrade means zero-tolerance on child labour.

Fairtrade most often mean more transparency on where products originate.

 Fairtrade certified organisations must conform to rigorous environmental standards. For example, many are now moving to organic production, have banned GMOs and protect the environment through minimal use of agrochemicals.

Reduced Plastic

The business must demonstrate clear and substantial measures to minimize the use of plastic in their operations. 

Why spend Reduced Plastic?

Fight against environmental pollution and protect wildlife on land and in the ocean.

Combat global warming by avoiding a material that is made using fossil fuels.

Help avoid human consumption of microplastics. 

Help reduce the truly excessive consumption of water. 

Plastics are not easily recycled.

Reduces Waste

The business demonstrates a clear intention to minimise waste. If a food business, it must divert 100% food waste from landfill. Businesses that recycle and upcycle also qualify. 

Why spend Reduces Waste?

Prevent landfills inching higher and higher.

Control Carbon Dioxide emissions and global warming.

Prevent excessive landfill from emitting greenhouse gases and warming the climate.

Facilitate renewable energy through Anaerobic Digestion.

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