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March- August 2023

Being part of a bold project with many elements and collaborating with one of the world's top universities was both a pleasure and a valuable learning experience I am proud to have been a part of.

Global Survey Conduct & Data Analysis

Involved designing and administering surveys across 5 countries, interpreting data, analysing findings, and reporting insights for informed decision-making and action planning.

Training Workshops

Collaboratively organising and facilitating workshops to inspire and mentor the broader marketing team at Imperial College London.

Identifying Audience Demographics

Delving into the geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioural drivers of their audience to inform strategic decisions and anticipate their actions.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Create a strategic optimisation plan, distinguishing between immediate wins and long-term objectives.

Identifying Gap & Opportunities

Compiling data from various sources, including surveys, metrics, focus groups, and historical data, to pinpoint potential gaps and opportunities.

Transforming Insights Into Digestible Content

Leveraging tools like Lucidchart and Canva to visually illustrate customer journeys and communicate essential information through graphics.

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