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Lucy I, Managing Director

Sophie was a valuable addition to Birchbox, infusing fresh creativity into our marketing team. Her passion, commitment, and collaborative spirit resulted in engaging and innovative content.

Content Marketing and Strategy

Leading content delivery, emphasising brand identity, and creating strategic plans.

Market Analysis and Perception Alignment

Conducting market analysis to align brand perception with consumer interpretation.

Content Production and Digital Optimisation

Managing content production through photoshoots and optimising digital platforms for increased website traffic.

Trend Awareness and Data-Driven Decision-Making

Keeping the team updated with digital trends and utilising data analytics for informed decision-making.

Budget Management and Cost-Cutting

Effectively managing budgets for marketing activities and implementing cost-cutting initiatives, resulting in substantial savings.

Process Improvement, Partnership Building, and Team Leadership

Identifying and implementing process improvements, developing strategic brand partnerships, and overseeing UK marketing activities while providing mentorship to a cross-European team.

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